Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop, LLC is very grateful to each of the people and organizations that have helped us along this journey. Thanks to your generous support, we are able to:

  • Produce
  • Tour
  • Rehearse
  • Purchase props & costumes
  • Host Events
  • Expand!

Supporter Spotlight

Special Thanks to:


Melissa Charlana Wellness has generously donated her services as a perk to many of our donors. Melissa Charlana is a Brooklyn based Holistic Entrepeneur.  She is a certified Holistic Health Coach, registered Yoga Teacher and family trained Personal Chef.

Melissa has over a decade of experience living a holistic plant based life. She is passionate about using her expertise to teach others how to look good and feel great in their bodies. Melissa is committed to empowering her clients to take a stand for their own health and that of those around them.


  • Brooklyn Commons
  • Fractured Atlas
  • Resource Generation
  • University Settlement
  • WBAI


  • Supporter Spotlight: Melissa Charlana Wellness
  • Tara Affolter
  • Juliana Bearse
  • April Bradley
  • Janie Bryant
  • Laura Cornwall
  • Michael Donovan
  • David Gavia
  • Claire Graves
  • Nakeisha Harris
  • Griffin Irvine
  • Tamara Jade
  • Nathaniel Kerr
  • Jeffrey Lopez
  • Molly McShane
  • Vernice Miller
  • Allison Minick
  • Nicole Mitchell
  • Pamela Monroe
  • Kayy Nova
  • Petronia Paley
  • Matthew Primm
  • Manny Ramada
  • Alexandra Randrup
  • Robert Rosenbluh, Jr.
  • Briana Sakamoto
  • Geoffrey & Laura Sheehan
  • Kiera Sheehan
  • Alex Szwed
  • Carl Tait
  • Ryan Ward
  • Aaron Whittier
  • Anne Wildman
  • Josh Wills
  • Matthew Wright
  • Lindsay Young

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