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BIG Dreams, Itty-Bitty Resources

2020 will mark our 5 year anniversary, and we hope that it’s a big year. We’ve already grown our membership, performed throughout the Northeast, cultivated partnerships with organizations throughout Brooklyn and as far away as Hawaii. But we need your help to become self-sustaining.
You may know that BRTW has revolutionary dreams for art: all of our work is written, directed, produced, and performed by Black people. All of our work recenters the Black experience in universal narratives. All of our work draws attention to an issue but also posits solutions and their potential outcomes. But Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop is not yet an employer.
We dream of creating a space that not only provides a living wage to our current membership but can also steward a path forward to cocreate solutions to the burnout culture and obstacles preventing so many deserving people of color from reaching leadership positions in our industry.
We have BIG dreams for creating and producing work and eventually becoming a creative home, but we also know this aim ain’t cheap or easy. So we need your help. Fortunately, there are a few ways to help us.


BRTW exists to investigate, interrogate, and change the status quo as it marginalizes Black people worldwide. With economic, social, educational, healthcare, housing, and political injustice facing our community, BRTW aims to tackle the issues that impact us while becoming a beacon for Black opportunity within the arts.