Community Guidelines

BLACK REVOLUTIONARY THEATRE WORKSHOP (BRTW) is an artistic haven and safe space dedicated to fostering the development and production of original works by, for, and featuring Black bodies, voices, and stories. BRTW is committed to intersectional representation of the Black community, including gender,  sexuality, ability, and multiethnic identities.

Incoming and current artists are encouraged to continually educate themselves about current events, critically engage with their communities, and contribute to a conscious and critical working space. BRTW is a space for activism and artistry and, as such, is a prime space to share ideas, articles, and theories.

BRTW proudly maintains a roster of working Black actors who make BRTW workshops, rehearsals, performances and other community events a safe, fun, and professional working space. Artists who compromise the integrity of the workspace (i.e. making it unsafe for a member or members, creating distractions from the work, or displaying consistently unprofessional behavior) will be placed on a probationary period.

BRTW will not tolerate racist, colorist, transphobic, misogynistic, homophobic, ableist, or any other attitudes, words, or actions at the expense of a marginalized identity. Violations of this tenant will be met with suspension (and possible expulsion) from BRTW. Expelled members will not be eligible to rejoin BRTW for 18 months following the date of expulsion. Should an expelled member request to rejoin, they will be subject to a new auditioning/ vetting process, and the behavior by which they were expelled will be addressed.