Our Mission

Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop, LLC (BRTW) uses narrative and performance as a methodology to recenter Black narratives in identifiable and solvable problems.

What We Do


We create and produce original performances that respond to the complex nature of anti-Blackness. Through a variety of lenses, BRTW interrogates systems of inequity through drama, comedy, poetry, and satire.


BRTW also creates original pieces for colleges, universities, museums, and cultural organizations. With its original commission piece, REVOLUTION, BRTW examined the heritage of anti-Black violence in the wake of the massacre at Mother Emmanuel AME. During a tour of colleges throughout the Northeast, BRTW members hosted in-depth talk-backs about the key narrative points, historical references, and parallels to true events in the narrative. We also host customized workshops designed to help students of all ages interrogate current events through a historical lens. At the end of the workshop session, students create their own short narratives that examine systems of inequity through their imagined characters’ perspectives. 

Who we are

Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop,LLC  is a Brooklyn-based collective founded in summer 2015. We are dedicated to developing, producing, incubating, and promoting Black art and artists who actively engage with justice in their work. BRTW recognizes that we live in a world rife with injustice:

  • racism
  • homophobia
  • transphobia
  • misogyny
  • ableism
  • classism
  • ageism

BRTW accomplishes its mission in the ongoing weekly rehearsal/ incubator series, monthly Melanated Mondays, live productions, events, commissions, and workshops that create, edit, and remix artistic representations of revolutionary strategies. In accessible:

    • drama
    • satire
    • poetry
    • song
    • rap
    • movement

BRTW seeks to create art as revolution.